Monday, May 11, 2009

BTWW Day 2

Today was a scrambled mess of running out of time and too many things to do. I worked on getting the brake pads out of my car for a good part of the morning, then realized I had to get some new pads to put back in (duh) so I rode to O'Reilly's and ordered them. Rode back and started dinking with a pocket bike I'm putting together, and next thing you know I should have been at work 10 minutes ago! Anyways, today was a shared set of fixed wheels on a Bridgestone RB3, and a Nishiki that I totally love. I know you see quotes on FGG like, "This bike is soooo smooth" and so on, but I think I finally understand what these people are trying to convey. This bike just doesn't need much from me except a few revs from the legs. One other rider at work today, on his own bike too! Yeah! He is trying to quit smoking and has been successful so far. Riding to work or for fun is a good substitute I would say. Good going Krengel! Tuesday is my day off and is already full of unwelcomed duties, hopefully I'll blow something off and go for a ride! Later! P.S. 100th Post!