Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Still Riding Once In A While

I haven't given up on cycling, contrary to the appearance of my blog. I just haven't been updating much because I usually ride the same 25 mile route. I have had a few cool things happen lately though. I went out last week thinking I would have a nice hot ride. I've been waiting for the heat, because I'm more comfortable riding in heat than anything. Well, I took off in about 92 degree heat and nice sticky humidity, with a tailwind. Got to my turn back point, and stopped for a beer. So far so good. As I sat I could see the darkness of a storm coming from the Northwest, and thought I had better "beat feet" for home. As soon as I was about a mile into my 12 miles back I caught the mother of all tailwinds! It pushed me back to Boone at about 40 mph! That's my speed, not the wind! On gravel, on a road bike with gum wall Kendas! In 52/14 nearly spun out! The darkness soon swept in front of me, casting an eerie light on the sky. Gravel dust whipped down the road like smoke, and every power line was groaning a sinister, rumbling, death growl! It was surreal to say the least. I was counting the lightning strike/thunder clap ratio and had the strike pegged at about 5 miles back. Safe enough at the speeds I was moving. There is a mile stretch I have to ride pavement East to hook up to the last bit of gravel into Boone and I was damn near blown off of the road! I wish more rides were that eventful:) Tonight I was out after dinner and ran into another dog. By ran into I mean I ran my front wheel into his mid section! He charged out of the driveway of the farm my Aunt & Uncle Wirtz used to live on and just never even slowed down! I managed to keep cool enough to pull a lunge wheelie and clock him good, without going down on the road. He got up and ran back home, and I rode on for a half mile before I stopped to straighten my stem/bars back to center. This dog has never even looked up at me before, must hate Nishiki bikes? Damn Japs! as my Grandpa Cy would have said. So that was fun I guess. I'll leave you with the beer cap totem pole I have been creating. This is where I stop on my rides to have a beer or two and reflect on the events of life. You have to unravel somehow right? I have imagined some old farmer seeing this and wondering what the hell is going on in today's society when some nut puts beer bottle caps on a fence post! "Probably that nut who rides his bike past our place all the time. My dog hates him!" Later!