Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mark My Words!

There will be some sweet riding opportunities coming in the next several weeks for sure. Like a lot of warmish Sundays, or some Tuesdays with light fluffy snowfall, or maybe an old friend in town calling everyone out for a group ride. Gravel scraped down to a 3 foot wide dirt ribbon with copious amounts of fresh white snow on either side. You know, the kind of riding I would love to do:) But alas, I have had to submit to the blade of a surgeon, and have a rather nasty left arm at this time, so you know I'll have to miss something cool! It's only natural. Wasn't this going to be my first year to take both of my sons on BRR, without towing either in a Burley? Yes. Wasn't it the first year in many for that guy in Napier to offer a frame building class, on Sundays no less? Yes. Did I not get a fleece facemask, Louis Garneau Lavamits, a Surly hipflask and trimmings, and a 20 pack of Michelob for Christmas? Yes. Can I drink a couple of harmless beers while on Oxycodone? No:( Oh, you know it's going to be a good couple of months of riding for the rest of you, you're welcome! The down & dirty goes like this: nerve pinched in left forearm(Pronator Terres) in June. Dr. A says, "Go see Dr.B" who says, "Go see Dr.C" who says, "Give it 6 months, and stay off of your bikes, and we'll see." Flash forward 6 months, barely a tire turned by myself except for commuting every Monday and Thursday and the odd gravel ride or six, and still no improvement. Dr.C says, "Go see Dr.D" who says, "You need me to do surgery!" (wink, cheesy smile, light glistens off of his ultra-white teeth, and a "ping" to punctuate 'surgery') Surgery day after Christmas was for decompression of the Median Nerve, and since he was in there he relieved a bit of Carpal Tunnel! What a guy! "Needles to say" I'll be off the bike for awhile, and considering that feeling anything with my fingers will only come back at a rate of an inch per month from the middle of my arm, it will take about a year to know if it was even worth it. I shouldn't get too far down though. Remember, there are people in this world who are far worse-off than me. Like the people who don't know how cool biking is! HA! Later! P.S. Now I have a reason to buy some Ergon grips! Pics to follow after the wounds are unwound. Right now they're wrapped up "tighter than a gnats ass sitting on a lemon wedge!" and that's tight!CIAO!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

This Just In...

The latest issue of Bikerodnkustom is posted and looks like a lot of good stuff will be in it this time. I have been waiting for a new issue for a long time. Go check it out! Linked in my "Good Stuff" at right. A must read, the Amsterdam coverage. Those guys blur the line when it comes to "biker" images. Taking bicycles and mashing them up with motorcycle looks. All the way down to sleevless leather vests with custom insignias. I wonder what my "Gravelo" bad ass biker vest would look like? Gotta think of a secret biker handshake too! Hmm. Later! Travel Gravel!