Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I just saw that there is a gravel race this year for Iowa Games. On a Saturday, naturally! My most productive day at work in any week, and they're hard to walk away from. Last year I worked 50 Saturdays. That's sad.
So now I am torn because I was hoping to take Sunday and Monday of the week before that and ride up to West Bend to The Grotto of the Redemption. I have a route planned out and everything, p;us I shot my mouth off at work and people said it would never happen, too far, oh you're a liar! They don't understand.
I haven't raced a bike but two times since I had my arm surgery 3 years ago, and have ridden millions of gravel miles (well, a fraction of millions) but have never raced gravel. It would be fun to put together some wanky 3 speed touring bike with fenders, and go out and own some miles in a race! Heck, at my age I might even win a medal!
I guess I'll have to consult the Magic 8 ball and take the best 2 out of 3.