Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Yella Death

This is worth a post. This post might save somebody from weeks of agony. If it saves even one person from the pure evil of Wild Parsnip Poisoning, then I'll post it every week. This is the little, harmless looking plant that seems to be getting a lot of press lately. If you see this plant in a ditch, or along some single track, DO NOT GET CLOSE ENOUGH TO TOUCH IT!!!!!
I got into some of this a few years ago and it burned my skin so badly that I had a weeping rash and blisters for 5 weeks. It killed the hair follicles my legs and now I have what look like half shaven legs! It's not a good look.
The plant grows to about knee high. The yellow flowering part is about the size of a pea, growing in a bunch about the size of a silver dollar.
I guess that there have been numerous cases of people unknowingly contacting this plant this year and so it is getting a lot of Facebook press especially. Don't you dare look at Google images of the rashes unless you can control your mind's desire to itch things. It will take you there, trust me.
Tons of it out there, on the gravel I ride anyway.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Vive le Tour

Seriously, even if you're not into cycling or bike racing, you would have to appreciate the drama in this year's Tour de France. You'll watch for a very long time to find an edition of this Grande Boucle with more going down. The leader of the race was running up the most iconic climb in cycling, without his bike, because he was involved in a crash while cruising uphill!
Wow! #fanagain!