Tuesday, June 28, 2016

This Ain't No Dream

I stopped at the Boone Casey's to grab a pop the other day and saw this guy. He had his bike prominently displayed in front of the store with a banner tied to it. You know I had to talk to him, so I walked up and said, "Dude, you're living out my dream!" As in, the dream of recreational homelessness, cycling aimlessly, answering to nobody, scrounging resources, the list goes on. His response is where I took the post title from. He gave me the quick take what he is doing. He is 42 years old, had cancer that really beat him up, was paralyzed but came out of it somehow, and is now riding from Toledo, OH to Seattle to raise awareness for the causes that you see on his banner. He has a Facebook page under cctherider which is chronicling his journey. He is big on the love of people, strangers, and about how he's just taking it a pedal stroke at a time. Doesn't have much for gear. He is on a Walmart bike, has one extra shirt, a touring pump, a tarp, a rain poncho from the Indiana National Guard, a flashlight/stun gun from the Chicago
police, and ten bucks cash from yours truly. That's some raw toughness right there. Just following a lark. Not really a big planner, but he's getting there. He said others have given him lodging, food, showers, etc. But his main theme was love from people. Can you dig it?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

First Chance, First Ride

So I bought an ultra cheap fat bike. A Mongoose Malus for $130 ! Brand new, in a big old box. Being that it was 70 degrees on my day off I decided to hit the Heart of Iowa Nature Trail for a little shakedown cruise. I guess nothing's going cheap, unless it's mutiny. The Trail was wettish, very grabby even for 4" tires. I'm glad that nobody has insisted on riding their 1.9 and smaller tires on it. Nothing much to note for this ride except that Logsdon's Grocery in Maxwell was awesome,as always. Can you imagine the coolest small town Grocery store, run by middle aged brothers, part store, part personal hangout, part community center? Some time soon I will do a full post on this place. Trust me, you have to go there and experience it for yourself.
Anyway, here's to the promise of more interesting rides to come. I did find a stached away geo-caching drum. That's always cool. Tucked in behind some downed trees.

More Deeper Gravel

That is, more gravel today, and it seemed even deeper than the last time I rode it. I can get a quick hour and a half ride if I go out to the Iowa Arboretum and back. Some decent gravel, a nice state park (Ledges) and as many hills as I care to ride. There are three really good hills in the park that I can ride up and down time and again. In fact, back in the days of"workout rides" I used to do climbs there until I didn't dare go back down one more time for fear of not getting back out! The down side? A 20 mile ride is about half pavement.

Can't see the bottom from the top!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Deep Thoughts

I was fortunate today to work with one of my old biking buddies and his wife, Paul and Christy Varnum. Between our discussions of biking and the good old days they were actually able to pick out some furniture. We were both (Paul and I) mentioning that we have come real close to doing some night rides. You know, to the point of charging up the lights and getting serious, then not quite getting the point of throwing a leg over a top tube. Close, but no cigar.
Well, tonights once in a lifetime concurrence of the summer solstice and a full moon has me thinking of going out late for a little ride of some sort. Gravel? High Trestle Trail ? Who knows. If I actually ride either, I'll  post about it later. Here's a snap of my last ride:-)