Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finally Got Out

...and rode with some real people. People other than Bob Marley, Aldo Nova, and the guys from INXS (thanks to my mp3 player:) I read that someone, anyone, would be riding around Peterson's tonight, so I cut off "date night" and went over after work. I was happy to see Paul J. there and be able to start riding with someone for a change. I learned things about the trails around there that I never knew! There's a trail that links the South end of the west side to a gravel road? Who knew? Paul, that's who! Also, I may have known about some of the trails at Mcfarland, and may have forgotten about some of them, but it was fun to ride something that was virtually new. Free beer at Varnum's and B-Bops on the drive home couldn't have wrapped it up better. Even saw Alex out riding on trails! Rare in itself! Later!