Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fixed On Gravel Part 2

Rode the same 25 mile loop today on my Schwinn Sprint fixed gear. What a beautiful day to ride! Wind was just enough to give some cooling and a slight bit of resistance.

Fresh gravel was a bit of a mixed blessing. Fun to first-track a freshly maintained surface, but there is no hard packed line anywhere, so you're always searching for firm track.

I stopped for some water and the leaves from this tree were showering down like rain. Short Add Imagepost, more later! Travel Gravel!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fixed On Gravel

What a way to travel. Rode a 25 miler a couple of Sundays ago with my buddy Sam Adams from Boston;) Started out as a coolish overcast ride in a long sleeve jersey and shorts, finished out as a rained-on, grinning all the way fun ride. I'll have to ride the same route on my Schwinn Sprint, Bridgestone RB-3, Specialized Hardrock, Mitzutani Seraph, Performance, and GT Timberline to see which fixed I like best on the gravel(so far, more bikes are always on the horizon.) I had clips and straps with an old pair of Duegi shoes for a stiff platform, haven't made the trip on clipless yet. For anyone who knows or cares, my hand issue has not corrected itself since June so I am regretfully considering surgery before the end of the year. The hand thing hasn't kept me from riding for the hell of it, but I have only raced one time this year and that has been a drag. I thought I was going to get into cross racing this year:( Maybe next year. Mindless ramble over. Later! Travel Gravel!