Friday, May 20, 2011

He's Toast

Well, it looks more and more like Lancey-pants is going to go down in history as a cheating liar! And that's a good thing! As if Sunday's impending 60 Minutes interview with Tyler Hamilton wouldn't be enough of a bummer for the guy, now Gorgeous George is "coming clean" too! BOOM! goes the dynamite! I do believe that Roberto Heras is the only former Postie to not sing yet. Him and Johan. Maybe soon we'll hear from him too? And I wonder what Sheryl Crow knows?
I'm trying to work out a reasonable mathematical explanation of how I think a guy with only half of the testosterone production of a normal man could use his condition to cheat. As soon as I think it makes sense, I'll post my theory. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, "So Lance, what do you make of all this 'doomsday is here' talk that is going around?" Later!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Low Riding The HTT

A pair of ratty classics.

As a treat to myself, I used one of my last two "kid-free" days off to go for a bike trail ride. Last week I did a single speed gravel grinder and it was good, but I need variety these days. So I dug out my most outrageous bike, the Schwinn I call Hardley, and made a run for the Madrid start.

This bike is somewhat of an attention getter, as it is old, has white fatties on it, and a very, Very, VERY low riding position. It's chopped only in the sense that the seat post is outside the seat tube, and the bars are lower than the top tube. LOW my friends. But I have to say, it's no problem to ride it for long distances as long as you don't try to mash the pedals. Just turn big circles and enjoy the scenery. Well, I stopped on the observation platform to observe, duh, and this guy and his buddies started going apeshiznits over the bike. Like over the top crazy ape shizzle! Well, sure enough, one of them wanted to ride it, and he said it was "the coolest damn bike I've ever seen!" I felt a little proud just explaining the easy mods I had done to it. They were still scratching their heads as I rode away, trying to figure out from the pictures they took just exactly what I was riding.
A few pictures tell what my words cannot. This trail is so cool. Come and ride it sometime and you'll understand. Until then, Keep It Real! Later!

Friday, May 13, 2011


About an hour's worth of gravel riding gets me to this! I need to ride an all white bike, wearing all white clothes, and get some cool pictures of this. Do you know what "this" is?