Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photos de Randome

A few random pictures to post, just to keep stuff on the blog. These are from the car show/shine in Stratford, and the "Big Show" burnouts from the Lehigh corner (punch up 491437 on a calculator and look at it upside down) and a few from Don Williams Lake in Boone County. I had a chance to share with the boys something I have ALWAYS wanted to do! We walked on the spillway and down to the basin at the bottom. Since the earliest days that I ever went there with my Dad, it was such a strong draw to want to walk on it. Actually, in the skateboard craze of my youth, I wanted to ride it. Now in my "mature" years, I would rather ride a bike on it or slide down it on a sled, or my ski bike! Hurry Winter, a middle aged man needs your magic! And lastly, a weird looking bug from the trail to Ankeny, and a fox right smack in the middle of Ankeny. He tried to hide from us, but I got a distant shot. We rode Slater to Woodward today, gorgeous weather. Kelli even rode 2 miles of gravel! I'll seduce her into the dark side yet, mwah-ah-ah!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

High Trestle Love Affair

I have spent the last 4 Tuesdays riding my bike, and have barely ridden 4 miles of gravel during that time. I have been riding the now famous High Trestle Trail! The last 3 Tuesdays were with Kelli. We rode Madrid to Woodward, Woodward to Madrid, and Woodward to Ankeny (each round trip) Kelli was a goer for trying the big day, given the stiff South wind, and made all but the last 8 miles before asking for a bailout. No problem, she rode 4 times further than any of our previous efforts. So this week I was by myself and rode Madrid to GRAVEL, down to the river, and back. I rode the bike I call Karate Klunker, a campstove green Hawthorne with 2.3 Tioga downhill tires on it, skip tooth drive train, super short stem, and a goofy Troxel seat that is amazingly comfortable. A fun bike for sure. More like a tank! Here are a few shots from my solo day:
Senior Citizens taking in the views in a horse drawn wagon.
The Karate Klunker looking studly in the foreground, HTT bridge looking mighty in the background, God's creation dominating all ground!

Yes, this is a multi - user trail! This guy leaves much smaller droppings than some other users.
Klunkers on Chunkers - sounds like a good name for an organized ride...Hmm?

Also recently spent a few Sundays on adventures with the boys. One was our annual trip to Stratford for the stopover/show and shine of the cars in Run To The Woods. The burnout corner was moved to Lehigh, and the drivers were there to please the crowd that had gathered. Even saw a Lamborghini Countach, in Stratford Iowa! More pictures to follow on that. Last weekend we went to our favorite fishing hole, Don Williams Lake. It is being lowered by about 12 feet to allow repairs to the spillway, so the lake bed is exposed and full of mysteries and treasures of all kinds. More pics of that later too. TTFN my friends!