Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where Has YOUR Blog Been Seen?

A couple of weeks ago I rode down to the river to look at the flooding, and see what was to be seen. Hiway 30 was closed at the time, so I rode slowly and checked out the sights. Lots of litter in the ditches. Pretty ugly really. 65 mph is the best way to get across that! So it occured to me (since I happened to have a black marker in my camelback;) to write my blog address on a few spots that might be seen by other gawkers, and maybe they would surf over and check out a post or two. After all, I saw 6 other people on bikes and a dozen or so walking, so the people were out. I tagged a few blogspots on various places and rode back home. Wouldn't you know it, the next damn day they opened the road back up! Oh well, at least the next time (soon?) it floods someone might see my little vandalistic scrawlings. Just hope it's not some DOT employee! Later! Travel Gravel!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Friday, June 6, 2008


If the price of gas follows today's jump in the price of crude, I will be riding my bike to work for more than a week! That is if it ever quits raining at will. Below are the bikes I rode to work during the week so designated. I am lucky in the fact that I only have a two mile commute each way, which allows me to come home for lunch just about every day, so I get more opportunities to ride to and from. By the second day people were waiting to see what I would show up on, it was cool!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Crushed It Today

I took my sons down to Huxley today and we rode the bike path to Cambridge and back. It was a great day and I think I had more fun on this ride than I have for years. The reason I had such a great time is that I finally scored an adult trike for my oldest son, Marshall. Thanks to the awesome generosity of one of my longest running bike buddies, Mr. Terry Grimes (not the frame builder,) I was able to get a really nice trike for Marshall, for free! 26" wheels, kick and hand brakes, a basket, and a nice loud Sturmey-Archer hub. It ratchets while pedaling and freewheeling. The kid just can not get the whole balance thing on two wheels, so I put him on three. He loves to ride and has been begging to go on errand runs, around the block, to and from school, you name it he wants to ride to it! It has been really thrilling to see him discover the joy and simple fulfillment of riding a bike. Now if I can get him some confidence and move him to two wheels before he becomes complacent and wants to ride a trike all his life! In time.
You get a sense of the talent that went in to making this mural, as well as a sense of the size of it, if you look for my Bridgestone fixed gear in the corner of the picture. We gawked at this picture (looked as real as a picture) for 15 minutes. I was proud of Mitchell when he took his helmet off "for respect." He's 8! As we walked back to our bikes a roadie was riding up the street and I waved and said "Hey" just out of habit. He turned around and came back to us and it was none other than young Jeremy Venable! We chatted for a few minutes and then he had to ride on. He and his brother Paul are strong rider/racers. I never saw anyone bust up their equipment in racing as much as those two! Just out of strength, not crashing or anything. Just overpowering their gear. Must be nice to be young. Later!