Friday, June 6, 2008


If the price of gas follows today's jump in the price of crude, I will be riding my bike to work for more than a week! That is if it ever quits raining at will. Below are the bikes I rode to work during the week so designated. I am lucky in the fact that I only have a two mile commute each way, which allows me to come home for lunch just about every day, so I get more opportunities to ride to and from. By the second day people were waiting to see what I would show up on, it was cool!


Travel Gravel said...

P.S. From right, Nishiki Rally geared(2X6), Huffy "Buffalo Soldier" gearded(1X5), GT (32:16), Bridgestone RB3(fixed 32:16), Sentinel Sophomore(32:12), Schwinn ? geared (2X5), JCPenney's geared, with cable disc brake(1X5), Free Spirit (heinous 52:16), Puch (heinouser,don't even know!)Later!

Paul said...

This gas in crazy. I don't even want to think of filling up my tank!

Captain Bob said...

Can we see a full size photo of those beauts?