Sunday, August 11, 2013

Teaser Shot

I finally have my Mongoose Beast pretty much done. It will need graphics yet, and the brake lever will do something, but it is mostly done. I am completely happy with the entire bike and what I have done with it. I took it out twice last week for a couple of 25 - 30 mile gravel shakedown runs, and I was laughing and smiling the entire time. I don't remember being this happy about a bike in a very long time!
I want to do a graphic set for a counterfeit Ralph frame. Basing it on a Ralph t-shirt that I scored at our local Salvation Army store.(There is an entire post worth of story about Ralph Cycles, later...) But then today I had the idea of doing a Nuke Proof graphic. Tough choice, maybe I will do one for a year, and then do the other. Neither Ralph nor Nuke Proof ever thought of doing a fat bike, so it would be cool to have one of each.
Also, this tease shot is on the day prior to me trying for a couple more of my "Wish List" items for the year, a 12 hour gravel solo, and meteor shower viewing. (BTW, I didn't post about it, but I did Iowa Games gravel in July, substituting it for Guitar Ted's Death ride Iowa. Third in my age group, fifth O/A)) I'm calling it U.S.A.G.E., or Un-witnessed Solo All Gravel Enduro. The weather tonight is not cooperating for Perseid viewing, although the lightning show is a fair substitute. Monday night into Tuesday morning I am riding gravel for 12 hours. Because I can. Because I want to. Because the Beast is so much fun. Because the Perseids are supposed to be brilliant this year. So I will lay out a good 6 mile loop with a lot of treeless expansive views, and ride myself silly from 9pm until 9am. I will park my car out there on the route so that I have a base camp. Should be fun!!!!! Later!