Sunday, July 20, 2008

How Do These Things Happen?

It has to be a far out cosmic alignment for some things to happen the way they do. And it happened on Saturday, in Woodward Iowa. I had originally taken Saturday off to have travel time to the start of Ragbrai. I talked myself into bailing on Ragbrai until Tuesday's ride into Boone, but kept the Saturday off, thinking maybe I would do the Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational. Nope, bailed on that too. Nobody I know was going, it was too far to drive alone, I really should have been working, etc. etc. So I had talked to Troy Tellinghuisen on Wednesday and he wanted to get a look at some of the shirt design ideas I had worked up for this year's 24. It was agreed that I could leave them in the mailbox at his house down by Woodward and he would pick them up on Sunday, then forward them to Kyle Sedore and Ron DeGeest for their input. Since I had snatched Saturday from the jaws of work I decided that I would ride to Troy's, drop off the hard copies of the artwork, and ride home, working in a stop in Woodward for some rest and relaxation. So there I am, having an apple and a Diet Rite in front of AJ's Grocery Store, in Woodward, on a rare and almost not a Saturday off, minding my own business, when Kyle and Ron drive right down main street! Luckily they looked over as I waved so they swung around and stopped. I explained that I was on a mission to deliver the artwork, "We'll just take that!" and they were off to do even more trailwork at Seven Oaks. Those guys deserve huge thanks from anybody who ever puts a tread on those trails. Like 'em or not (the trails that is;) Also on board was a very sasquatchian Taylor Webb and dog. Good work I'm sure. Thanks guys!

So I had time to check out the newest bike trail in Iowa. It will connect Woodward and Ankeny via an old rail corridor. From the looks of it this thing will be AWESOME! The concept drawing for the bridge over the Des Moines River is enough to get me chomping at the bit!

It will span this set of pillars on a 10 foot wide deck, and feature spiraling square I-beam boxes over the top. I will try to get an image of it and post it. Those are Purple Martins swarming around the hiway bridge in front of me. Cool to watch, and none of them crapped on me!

This is a section coming out of/going into Woodward. As I rode down this mile or so stretch there were two crows chasing an owl from tree to tree. They would fly 40 yards at a time, diving down on the owl. A puff of feathers would waft gently down after each volly. Again, cool to watch, and they didn't crap on me!

Coming back into Boone I took the hill that RAGBRAI riders will be cussing on Tuesday, only I rode the shoulder (to keep it a gravel affair.) At the top was none other than my DAD! working on repainting a sign that he maintains for the Lincoln Hiway Association. He's been plugging away at this damn thing for two weeks, working only in the cool part of the day and between re-hab and naps. Ahh, retirement. Someday! Later! Travel Gravel!

Me and my Pops!


bluecolnago said...

with all those birds out there it's a good thing you didn't get crapped on!

sounds like team stoopid is coming to boone for the race again this year. fun times ahead! we certainly appreciate all the hard work you guys put in out there!

ride safe!

Cheerleader said...

Wow. I didn't know about the senior Mr. doing painting in his spare time! Great photos and scenery of the birds. I think that many swarming birds of anything would have scared me, or maybe it's just those redwing blackbirds that freak me out.
Later (Striker's wife)

Travel Gravel said...

He stayed in the lines, so I guess it's all good! He's an inspiration to me in sooooo many ways, and I don't know if he realizes it. Cool Dads rule. Ciao! have fun in CO!

Anonymous said...

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