Monday, July 7, 2008

29ers Roll Over Things Better

Things like Border Collies. I was riding Sunday and took a route I have only ridden a couple of times before. As I was riding down 170th I came to a place where there were two farms directly across from each other. I didn't remember there being any chasing dogs there from prior passings, but there he was...waiting for me. As I rolled along at about 17 mph or so I could tell from his tone that he would come out to at least chase beside me for a few hundred feet. Most dogs will take a shortcut through the ditch and pop up where they meet you at a pretty shallow angle, but not this guy. He came right out of the drive at a 90 degree angle and ran full speed at me! I didn't know if he would stop, so I maintained speed and cadence, and he just flat ran into me! I managed a lunge-wheelie and turned the bars to the right just enough to miss him with the front wheel, catch him mid-back with the chainrings (I was in my middle, so he probably got some 46 tooth sharkbite) and up over him with my back wheel. It sounded like this, "ROOF ROOF ROOF ROOF ROOF ROOF YIIIIIPE...ROOF!" Luckily I didn't lay it down or I would probably have been dead meat! From the dog or the "owner" either way. I'll have to go back and give him another chance to make friends some day. Good barrier-hopping training?Maybe. Later! Travel Gravel!


Captain Bob said...

So glad you're okay man!

The dog may have just learned a good lesson about big wheels. They WILL roll over anything.

Paul said...

Wow. I don't he will do that again.