Thursday, July 24, 2008

A2W Bridge Pic

Here is one conceptual image of the bridge for the trail from Ankeny to Woodward, or vice versa. It's going to be so cool! I want to try to ride a wheelie across this badboy! Oh yes, it will be done! Later!


Carney said...

Looks a bit crooked....who is the engineer? :)

Squirrel said...

I'll be up for the wheelie challenge:)


Travel Gravel said...

I think that it will be slightly lower on the Woodward side, which means an easterly uphill. Let me set the scene for you. Slightly overcast, wind soft out of the north-northwest, fog floating on the river to about 7 stories up. We're above the fog by another 6 stories, popping attempt after attempt until somebody makes a full span of that beautiful bridge! And it's ME! Burn! I just hope they don't put some lame pedestrian benches in the middle of the whole deck, that would suck. Later!