Thursday, February 25, 2016

With Malus Aforethought

Lucky day for me yesterday. I was about to go to Ames to look at a Craigslisted  Mongoose Malus, the web's second most hated fat bike, after the Beast. So I thought I would check the web to see if I could buy a new one for similar money. Low and behold there it is on for $40 less than the clist price. Soon enough I'll have a fat grin on my face.


Matt Moggridge said...

Hey Greg! How goes it? And yeah, I was wondering what had happened to you and your blog. How did you eventually remember your password? Make sure you don't lose it again. All's been well on NoVisibleLycra – we've kept cycling through the winter and soon things will be brightening up. I was last in the USA in October 2014 (Chicago). Back again in May (Pittsburgh). Let me know if you're around. Glad to see you're riding your bikes. They all look good.

Matt Moggridge said...

By the way, I meant I was in Chicago in October 2015, last year basically.