Monday, June 20, 2016

Deep Thoughts

I was fortunate today to work with one of my old biking buddies and his wife, Paul and Christy Varnum. Between our discussions of biking and the good old days they were actually able to pick out some furniture. We were both (Paul and I) mentioning that we have come real close to doing some night rides. You know, to the point of charging up the lights and getting serious, then not quite getting the point of throwing a leg over a top tube. Close, but no cigar.
Well, tonights once in a lifetime concurrence of the summer solstice and a full moon has me thinking of going out late for a little ride of some sort. Gravel? High Trestle Trail ? Who knows. If I actually ride either, I'll  post about it later. Here's a snap of my last ride:-)

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Matt Moggridge said...

You know what? There are many similarities between our blogs, mainly photographic, lots of shots, rural shots, of bikes against hay bales and such like. It's good. Over here, a night ride would be silly, but out there it looks like it could happen and I'm sure one day you will, but I wouldn't blame you if you didn't! Keep cycling, Greg. Matt.