Thursday, February 18, 2016

Well, well, well, well, well indeed...

I'm back in business for blogging. I finally have a smart enough phone to blog on a 5.5" screen. Amazing.
I'm pretty sure I can even post pictures without having to get a cord out, stick it in a USB, download the shots from the camera, put them into the body of the post, position get it, right?
I have managed to get in a bit of ice-fat biking this winter. I thought the river wasn't going to cooperate at first because of the warmth and high water. In fact, it froze while it was up high, then retreated and left car-sized shards of ice all over. Side left glassy smooth pools on the upper banks. Perfect for some fat icy donuts.
Last fall and summer were full of crushed limestone trail travel, along with a departure from biking. I ran (if you can call it know when Forest Gump had his leg braces, yah). I ran 74 consecutive 5Ks while my son was at AIT for MP School. I sure did loose a lot of weight, for my build anyway. I dropped from a comfortably fit 172 down to about 160 for the last 3 weeks. It has since come back to about 170, but I think I'll be running a lot this year, as I started to like it. Biking is still number one though. At least with biking I can ride in the sunlight. My running stride is so weird that I only ran at night.
What was fun about biking last year was seeing how many of my bikes I could ride at least once during the summer. I was aiming for 20, but only made it to 11. Still, that's ten more than anyone else around here. Some pictures (if it works)

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