Monday, February 27, 2012

Quest for Fire

Rode the Karate Klunker down to Madrid and had lunch under the High Trestle Trail bridge. Gravel down and back, as much as possible, and a gnarly south wind. But the rewards were well worth it.
A.) You don't get this view anywhere else in the world!

B.) You gotta love trail cooked lunch, even if it's just two for a dollar Spicy Chicken noodles:)

C.) Testing gear in a comfortable setting makes it easier to deal with in a less than hospitable, or rushed state.
This little Esbit solid fuel stove is killer!!! It will bring a quart of water to a too-hot-to drink state in about 4 minutes (with heat shield) and yet is cool enough to fold and re-pack in another 8 minutes.
I have put together a miniature kitchen with the nesting Coleman cook set, an Esbit folding stove, Ronson butane lighter, and a Light My Fire giant spork. I'm going to sample some instant coffee and oatmeal tomorrow. Also bought a Grand Trunk ultra light hammock and rigged up a tree sling set, so I'm pretty much ready to bug out at a moments notice for any adventures that come my way. I gave forsaken the bike camper ideas for now, but it still pops into my head from time to time, so I'm sure I will still build one some day.
Lastly for this post, I'm thinking of making a blog devoted to The High Trestle Trail and my rides on it. What an amazing and unique assett this thing is to the state of Iowa. If you're reading this, and somehow have not been on this trail, please GET OUT THERE and ride it! And if you tell me when you're going, I'll even cater a lunch for you!


john said...

Hey - Bike Repair Man
What sort of adventure do you have planed for this testing? How about the Colorado trail with the brother-in-law? That would be some adventure - that would be too much of an adventure for me...

Travel Gravel said...

I'm hoping to ride a soul broadening, solo, gravel ride to West Bend to the Grotto over the weekend before July 4th. "Grotto Grinder" Also, my 15 year old and I are hiking a 10 mile stretch of timber along the river soon. Hope you're well John! See ya!