Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter Project

Among the things I want to do this winter is to build, or at least source all materials and ideas for, a conversion of my old Burley into a bike camping trailer. I have seen a lot of ideas so far and the concept is quite intriguing to me. The Burley will serve as an excellent platform to build on as many have proven. I'm not going to aim for carpeted sleeping quarters or a gas stove, but it will be a nice little spread. I'm thinking screened windows, awnings, and a sky light so far. Heck, maybe there will be enough siding and roofing materials from our current house update to do a mobile home of sorts! I have an idea for chopping and channeling the frame to a narrower profile, then cantilevering a platform out over the wheels, and walls/roof from there. A sketch will be up in a few days. Then I'll see what changes/additions anyone wants to suggest. Later!


Wilson said...

That's amazing!
I will be following for updates.

Travel Gravel said...

I have realized the potential of this project to be lower than first thought. I will probably still build something on the Burley platform, but not for camping, as such. A light weight hammock and some beer will get me most of the way there! Shuffled back to springtime project. Ciao!