Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I just saw that there is a gravel race this year for Iowa Games. On a Saturday, naturally! My most productive day at work in any week, and they're hard to walk away from. Last year I worked 50 Saturdays. That's sad.
So now I am torn because I was hoping to take Sunday and Monday of the week before that and ride up to West Bend to The Grotto of the Redemption. I have a route planned out and everything, p;us I shot my mouth off at work and people said it would never happen, too far, oh you're a liar! They don't understand.
I haven't raced a bike but two times since I had my arm surgery 3 years ago, and have ridden millions of gravel miles (well, a fraction of millions) but have never raced gravel. It would be fun to put together some wanky 3 speed touring bike with fenders, and go out and own some miles in a race! Heck, at my age I might even win a medal!
I guess I'll have to consult the Magic 8 ball and take the best 2 out of 3.


Matthew Moggridge said...

Hey Gravelo! How's it hanging? The Grotto of the Redemption! Wow! Love that place. Go for it, that's what I say. Hope you're well. Matt (NoVisibleLycra)

Matthew Moggridge said...

In case you're wondering: I've never been to the Grotto, I just Googled it and thought, what a strange place to have in Iowa. Laters!

Travel Gravel said...

I think I will end up doing the Grotto ride, that's where my heart is on the whole thing. The race is more of an oddity, but sometimes contests leave you wanting more of a fulfillment. Could end up doing both? Have a great summer of riding over there my friend!

Blue Turtle said...

I like your weird humor. Yes that's how I call it and it's cool. Looking forward for more of your weird ideas. Good read. Fun.

J. Harp
writer @ balance bike reviews