Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bike Of The Week: Schwinn Something

I don't know for sure what model Schwinn this is because the graphics on the down tube and top tube are completely faded out. I added some Schwinn lettering on the down tubes with vinyl sign lettering to give it some of its heritage back. It does have the head badge and a shop sticker on it, so it's not without some roots.

I picked this bike up on a total whim. I was just coming back to town two years ago from vacation, and saw this bike, and a kids bike, sitting on the parking on Story Street. "$10.00 each" markered onto a cardboard sign. So we get unloaded and Kelli knows I want to go and at least look at it, "Go!" she says. Like a shot I'm out the door, boys in tow, and it's sprinkling a little. So we pull up and it starts to rain pretty hard, but I run over and it looks pretty sad from all kinds of grease build up, some surface rust on the wheels, and the classic 'bars flipped up hippy-style' look.

I'm standing there on the busiest street in town, in the rain, contemplating buying an old Schwinn for fun, and the guy pokes his head out the front door and says, "You can just have that if you want it!" No need to clarify brother! I chuck it in the Volvo before he realizes what he just said, and the boys think I'm stealing it! My 10 year old son, Marshall, is such a stand-up, kid of character guy, that he was beside himself. "You have a problem!" he said! Too funny!
Over time I steel wooled the chrome back to health, added a longer seat post from an old Schwinn exercise bike (it's about 18" long!) clipped and flipped the bars with some bar ends rednecked on for extra hand positions, and added some fenders that I had sitting around. Also trimmed the bottom of the springer seat to give it more of a Flite profile, comfy seat though! I have been riding this one to work this week in the beautiful weather, but tomorrow may necessitate a drive:( Later!

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