Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Random Thoughts and Remembrances

I love the 24 hour race if for no other reason than it gives the mind time to open up and let things in, or out, at random.Some of what I can recall thinking about are...
* Squirrel heckling me for laying down. b.t.w. I flipped you off through my car window!
* Seeing leaves on the trail, some light side up, some dark side up, and seeing the perfect camo pattern in them.
* Think I met G-Ted on the trail but not sure. Was he on a green Surly? Single speed for sure!
* Saw more deer in 24 hours this year than I have seen out there in 9 years of lapping that trail!
* Jason Parkin (KCCI) was out there camcordering the camp area.
* Waiting in line for pasta, and Kyle Sedore asks how it's going, and I look dead at Taylor Webb and grunt, "huh?"
* Trying to identify who was out in the night by their tire treads in the mud of the far back hairpin...Maxxis Worm Drives, WTB Nanos, mine from the last lap, What the.. a cross tire? "Sumpter?" and why didn't that ever dry up?
* Cussing the skeeters! Je-sus!
* Saw sneaker-boy's footprint in the dirt.
* Team 14 up most of the night saving that first corner of the pits from sobriety!
* Which came first, "orange" to describe a color, or "orange" as the name of a fruit? Had to be one or the other.
* Why don't computer keyboards have a button that will imprint www. in one keystroke? And another that stamps .com?
* Billy Idol "Dancing with Myself" in my head for 3 hours! "Sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat!!!!!!!!!!!!"
* Carl Buchanan (who doesn't know me from shit) Looking near death on a night lap, and I ask him how it's going. "I'm fucking exhausted!" is all he can get out. Not even with exclamation point, he was that tired.
* Nick Wooley, Smiley, comes through with a long sleeved shirt for me to wear on my first morning lap. Thank You!
There were so many empty thoughts that shot through my head it's amazing. I firmly believe that the body will respond to whatever the mind throws at it, so I don't know how to train my brain to do more next year. Some strong minded fool I turned out to be! Fell free to put your own random thoughts in the comments. LATER! Wish I was racing Sugar Bottom next weekend, but Saturday is planned with my family and I wouldn't miss it!


john said...

Nice write up in the previous post. Good jog racing.
I think the @ ought to be in the lower case keys.

Anonymous said...

you know there are worse songs to have stuck in your head. i can't think of any off the top of my head but i'm sure there out there.


Travel Gravel said...

John, someone, like I don't know...maybe Mike Johnson, is smart enough to make our computers do those things for us! I've been following your results for the year. Another fantastic one for you! See you sometime? Gravel century?
Kyle, Yes that's true. I have no problems with William Broad, but 3 hours of the same thing? My internal mp3 was stuck on that song and Josh Grobin, "Don't give up....It's just the end of the world... When darkness blinds you,I, I will try to find you..." a work related disorder as our overhead music is a little lame! I should sue my employers! Later!

bluecolnago said...

g-ted was there for sure. he was on a white inbred 29er with team stoopid. it was me on the green surly single speed, another member of team stoopid....

great race you had! it was a blast!

Travel Gravel said...

Blue, I am starting to see the "party,and maybe ride if we think of it" more clearly now. Glad you enjoyed our little slice of dirt. See you again some time! Later!