Monday, September 24, 2007

Squirrel's Nest TT

Another sweet Chris Maharry production. Is there any other way to wrap up the season? Always fun and great racing too! I have to say that the course was killer! Knowing that Squirrel marked it out, and later finding out that it is his own personal playground, I'm not surprised that it rocked so hard! Lots of short, big effort climbs, corners that have a flow, and no pussified log crossings! You can't jump here you're going to sample some dirt. I was only a little apprehensive about the first mile or so of the single track. Some of those bridges come at you on a weird angle. I felt like I did o.k. for riding it for the first time, but might have liked to get a couple of laps in to guess when to really pick it up for the finish. I think my legs hurt more today than they did on September 2nd! With the season pretty much over for racing I can now settle in on some of the bikes I need to finish around here. I am desperate to paint this old Puch that will end up a fixed gear. It is going to be an homage to Miller beer. Gold paint, green and red accents, and hand cut Miller graphics. And a bottle opener hard wired to the frame. Also, I want to experiment with white tires. I was in contact with a guy through fixed gear gallery who used a certain kind of bonding paint to make his tires white, like the vintage old bikes. I just picked up a Robinhood and a Hercules this morning and they should be interesting for singlespeed projects. Nothing easier than taking parts OFF of a bike to make it cooler! Got an old Freespirit two weeks ago that should be fun, and there are several bikes I have barely touched, just waiting to be re-mobilized! I could go on for ever about ideas I have, so I will spare you ( the single reader who might be reading this) and post bikes as they're in a rolling state. Also, Interbike is on and the pure bike porn that follows is enough to make a guy go blind. Leave me some addresses if you know of good stuff. I usually rely on mtbr and various links from that site.No bike of the week last week, so I will do a double this week. Later! Oh, I am still thinking of riding to Pilot Mound soon.


john said...

I'll bet you have two readers

Anonymous said...

I read it too. That makes at least 2 readers.

Travel Gravel said...

I should get one of those counters that looks like an odometer. Then when I sell this blog name I can assure the new owner of low mileage! Kidding aside, I thank you for your words. Kyle, you killed it Sunday man! Fast Company around here at least. John's no Wilford Brimley either! Have a cool late season guys, and watch out for the dangers that farm machinery can pose to us all out there on the road. Don't want anyone getting harvested before their time now do we? Later!