Thursday, August 23, 2007

Not Much Going On

As far as bike riding, I have not been on mine lately. Thought I was all fired up for Sugarbottom, but rain spoiled that too. I have been dealing with the cleanup and recovery from 20" of rainwater in my basement! Also, my wife, Kelli, had double hernia repair last week and is recovering slowly (not her strong hand) but surely. She is "letting" me do laundry and grocery shopping! I will miss it when she's better. Signed up for the 24 hour race at 11:46 Sunday night. Just as my basement was about to flood. An omen perhaps? Hope to hell not, as this race has its history with rain. Not sure of my bike choice but it looks like I will be racing my poor man's 29er, with my GT single speed as backup. My KHS is what I would most like to ride, but the rear brake is not working and I don't know if I can get it to work by race day. We'll have to see. One good biking moment from the last week or so. I was riding to Kum and Go with my seven year old, Mitchell, to get some snacks for movie night. He races ahead and rips off a 15 foot J-skid in some sand, perfect form and corrective steering, and looks over his shoulder at me and says, "That's my skid of the month so far." Gotta love it! Later!

Although you won't find validation for this thought in any parenting books, if your 7 year old begs you to paint flames on his bike, you just might be doing something right!


Striker said...

Right on Greg. The 24 will be fine. Say hellow to sister. And how soon before Mitch drops us like a bad habit?


Travel Gravel said...

Yah, I should be "rested" this year seeing as I've only raced one time so far this year. One lap per hour is my target pace, easily done I think. Note to self, "FLAT KIT!" Mitchell is already talking about BRR and RAGBRAI, I think he's ready. Talk to you soon!