Friday, August 10, 2007

Damn Clouds

I was hoping to ride out into the country Sunday night to watch the meteor showers but it looks like the weather may spoil the best Perseids in years! Serious bummer! And in a new moon cycle no less. Should be some good viewing Saturday night so let me advise you of this opportunity. Get on your bike, ride some gravel out to an east/west stretch of unpopulated road, and sit or recline in a north-facing ditch. You will be awed at this year's display with up to 100 per hour! Any night up until Tuesday should be o.k. so give it a whirl. After 1:00 is usually best, or before 5:00 if you're an early riser. I went out to watch the Northern Lights last fall and it was amazing. I got a decent 40 minute show and managed to see 14 meteors as well. Free for the viewing with the simple act of riding to the show thrown in for style points! Later! Travel Gravel!


Striker said...

Glad to see you have a Blog. Like the style and will enjoy the reading. Just got home from PBville. What a drive. Had a great time riding and racing the LT 100. We should talk about next year, I think you would reallyu like this race.

Travel Gravel said...

You tracked me down! Yes, blogging should be fun. I even put up some pics w/o Kelli having to show me how! Way to go on your race! I am sure you enjoyed it, and the scenery must be awesome. I would probably be rubber-necking the whole race! You should come down for the 24. Some Bike Tech riders have been here in the last few years. You guys could put together a great team, or solo it? 12 hour race too this year. Talk to you soon!

Squirrel said...

Brutha Greg:) You riding solo for the 24?? I signed up on Tuesday and so far I'm the only one...WTF?
Be seeing you soon:)


Travel Gravel said...

Hey Squirrel! Yes I'll be suffering through another 7 Oaks fisting this year. Solo is the only way I know so I may as well stick with it. See ya!