Friday, August 24, 2007

Bike Of The Week: GT Avalanche

The bike I've had the longest. It has been through many changes in its lifetime, haven't we all? First raced it bone stock. Rigid, LX brakes, Panaracer Smoke/Dart combo. Then the chi-chi-itis kicked in and many purple anodized parts were to be seen on it. Wow, so many people are running these suspension stems, I should try one! Oh well, that's not for me, but this AMP fork looks cool. Too stiff, no adjustments, look at that RST, it's polished like the frame! Faster with suspension, cool, let's get something off the beaten path and try the Girvin fork. It's polished too, has adjustable preload and angle, and NOBODY runs one around the three state racing scene. What? My frame is pitting or oxidizing or something? Send it out to paint, it's begun to boor me, and not just any paint, Rock Shox Judy Yellow. Including the fork. When I get it back I'll make a sticker for each fork leg that says "SCHMUDY" That will be funny! Judy-Schmudy. Rce it in yellow for a year or two. Single speed? Those guys must be whacked! Nobody can race a bike with no shifters! (Devil on left shoulder) "Cut that stuff off of there. You'll have a blast riding one gear. Maybe someone will mistake you for a bad ass. Just do it. You're not cool if you don't!" O.K. I'll try it. Cut, grind, try, adjust. Wow! It is fun, but 32:16 has worn out. What's another ratio I can try? How about 42:21? same ratio but bigger parts to spread the load and save on replacement costs. Set it up and raced it for a couple of events, including Webster City, Sugar Bottom, Decorah, and Boone, including my last 3 laps of the 24 last year. This year it will be sitting in the pits, waiting to be called up if needed, as it has in the past. Cut the graphics by hand out of vinyl graphic tape (3 color drop shadowed) and added some skulls with lightning bolts on the top tube. One tough bike! Later!


Paul Varnum said...

You signed up for the 24 hour class? Cool! One lap an hour will go a long way toward a good result.

See you this weekend!

Travel Gravel said...

Hi Paul! I think I can do the lap per hour pace. I was doing great last year until I flatted above the double bridges, ran my whole bike to my pits and fixed it, rode another lap and flatted at the same area. The second time I took just the wheel to the pits and then rode out the last of that lap. At about 11:15 I decided to wait for the pasta and the beer that was rumored to be going along with it (but never showed up)and ended up sleeping until 5:30 or so. Oops! Not this year though. Reminder note to self, "FLAT KIT!" Later!