Saturday, July 21, 2007

Here goes nuttin'

Well I'm sitting here trying to keep my nerves at bay and losing the battle big time. I feel like I always do the night before a race. Butterflies, nervous big time, feel guilty for going to play and feel like I am ditching my family obligations. Then I'll have moments of wanting to be on the bike and forgetting the whole world outside of the view from the saddle. Wait, wait, wait, FLIP THE SWITCH! Ride, enjoy, forget. I guess I'll know Sunday morning at about 10:00 if it is all worth it. Right now I have to get through the night. Took the Burley over to my dad's to load it into the van for the trip to Rock Rapids. Feels a little heavy on the draw bar, but then it has:chain lube, chain tool, multi tool, spoke wrench, crescent wrench, pump, tire levers, 2 tubes, pedal wrench, pliers, patch kit, knife, duct tape, an extra rear wheel, 2 pairs of shorts, 4 jerseys, socks, Ralph shirt, sandals, a towel, 12 pack cooler, small tent, tarp, ground pad, 20 feet of string, sunblock, ECOLIPS medicated organic lip balm, a fifth of Templeton Rye, and food for the first couple of days in it! I guess traveling light is an acquired skill? I hope that a 29er type bike will ease the load, but I don't know how it would. Plans are simple. Ride the route about a mile from the pavement and only hit the pave' to get food or drink. Then camp each night in the overnight town, repeat next day. I will ride home from Hampton on Wednesday. This will be my highest mileage day at about 80 or so, I think. Wish me luck if you're reading this, pray for me if that's your thing, or tune in later and I will try to assemble some thoughts to post. Later! Travel Gravel!


Paul said...

SWEET! I found you! It is about time you start one of these babies!

I keep having people come up to me and saying that you told them you know me. To save your rep you might not want to be associated with me! %^)


Travel Gravel said...

Paul, Yes I am finally trying a blog. It will keep me motivated between races, keep me in touch with other riders, etc. I do seem to know a lot of people who have known of you also. Jon Davis, Keith ? I think lives down the road on C. P. and freecycled me some load bars for a Yakima rack, and Jeri Saltzman is a customer of mine whom I'm sure you know. They live somewhere on C.P. too. I meet lots of Gilbertians in my work so it's nice to connect some dots. Your rep is solid my friend, no worries. Graveling RAGBRAI solo didn't work out, post to follow soon. Later! Travel Gravel!

Paul said...

That is a bummer about your ride, but I COMPLETELY understand what you are talking about. It is hard to leave family. I certainly struggle with it! One of the things I hate about training is the commitment and time away from my family. It is good for me, but damn, I feel selfish sometimes. Okay, quite often!

I sure hope we can ride together again sometime.

Keith's last name is Boldman. He is the father of one of many daughter's friends. He is a great guy that is for sure.

If I am ever in Boone, I will stop by the store.