Monday, July 30, 2007

Some pictures from the dirty side of RAGBRAI

Speaking of dry, it wasn't a trip without SOME pleasures! "They who await no gifts from chance, have conquered fate." Matthew Arnold
This was the fastest stretch of the entire day. Wind relief and smooth as you please. They're fun when they're dry!

Two sets of street signs...hmmm...county line and state line.

Should have hooked that fifth wheel to the ATV and tried it instead. That would be about the same effort as pulling all that weight on my bike. I would have run out of gas either way!


the inebriationist said...

Very Nice!

A dry B road is hard to beat. Dig that shirt.

Nice to see you didn't have to be too stingy with your Templeton swig with a refill bus en route.

Paul Varnum said...

Sweet Templeton bus! No wonder they charge some much for that stuff.

Travel Gravel said...

The bus is actually the tour bus for The Nadas. Their hook up was through a song they sing about the medicinal values of the good stuff. I about fell over when I rounded the corner, looking for somewhere to put up camp, and there is the magic bus! Someone once said that luck is preparation meeting opportunity (Franklin?) I doubt though that they even had any on the bus. You know those musicians, they always have to be one step cooler, so their "good stuff" is probably not my style! Later! Travel Gravel!

Travel Gravel said...

Sad! Actually the luck quote is from Oprah! That's sad when a skinny white guy quotes Oprah!