Sunday, July 15, 2007

First things first...

This blog will be mostly about bike riding. In central Iowa. On gravel roads. On any of my 25+ bikes. In all kinds of weather , as that's what we get around this joint! Some posts may be about other stuff, kids - work - family, but mostly my riding is inter-twined with all of that so it's mostly about biking. I went to see the riders off from the depot this morning, and to see who I knew in the Iowa Games road race. Turns out I knew quite a few from dirt racing who also ride clean bikes. Varnum, Bruce Reese, Jason Alread, Thad, Chad V, and a cast of others. Also, my brother in law Mike Johnson from Cedar Falls. He was doing the two lap race and rode 46 miles of it before flatting 6 miles out. Had to hurt the old ego a bit! I should try the road racing scene. I love racing off road so I feel like I could maybe develop a liking for road too. Bruce was trying his first oragnized road race today, as was Paul Varnum I believe. Sounds like they had a good, if not shakey, time of it. Who cares if you don't medal, or place high in your grouping. If you learn something about yourself and why you put your bike on the line to race at all, that's what says the most about you. So why wouldn't I do it next chance? It only took me 2 years of reading blogs to finally start one myself! Thanks to Varnum for inspiring me to do a blog. I hope it will entertain someone other than the guy posting it! Later! Travel Gravel!


Paul Varnum said...

Congrats on the Blog! Mine has helped me to make new friends (you for instance), and to connect with people that I would not have otherwise known. Good stuff.

If I was your inspiration, it seems fitting that I am the first to comment. I'll add a link.

Keep writing. If you write it, they will come.

Travel Gravel said...

Varnum, Thanks so much. I have to find a writing style but once I do I think this blog will be a blast. It helps to know that someone has read it so soon. I forgot, duh, that my comments in other blogs will track back to mine now. I was hoping to put up some posts before I told anyone about my blog, but I guess the cat's out of the bag now! may have another post before I attempt this RAGBRAI thing, God willing. Later! Travel Gravel!