Monday, February 25, 2013

The Silence of the Pandas

A few years ago I posted that I really hated bamboo bicycles. In fact, the thing I dislike about them is the sometimes clunky look of the lug/boo junctions. Then at NAHBS there was an explosion of bamboo bicycles, and I decided, in my world, that for every bamboo bicycle built a panda bear must be ritualistically slaughtered! Well, there must have been a bloodbath when this baby was made. I guess I will go back on my own word and say that this is one bamboo bike I would like to see more of, (like between my legs!) LATER!


Matthew Moggridge said...

I want that bike! I want that bike! Look at those tyres! Hey, Greg, I'm writing this from San Antonio, Texas. Wish I was nearer to Iowa as we could trade dreams about sleeping rough. How's tricks? Matt. Here till Thursday.

Travel Gravel said...

Also, if you're out and about in the next few days, look to the west/south west at about 7:00 local time and you might be able to glimpse comet PAN STARRS. Supposed to be climbing through the skies this month, a little higher each day. Hold your arm out at length and put your palm on the horizon. Should be barely above your knuckles. Remember not to look into the sun!

Matthew Moggridge said...

Hi, Greg. Back in rainy old England. That bike with the big tyres. I saw one on Venice Beach. I still want one.