Monday, April 1, 2013


Just when I thought I couldn't stand pro cyclist Peter Sagan, like at all, he may have redeemed himself.. What could I have against him, you might ask? How about the white socks, gross. How about the quirky victory salutes, putrid.The fact that he sat, all day, on second wheel, behind the yellow jersey, then swung around at 200 meters for the day's win, classic punk ass move. And the fact that he's young...shut it!!! (Actually, I find myself enjoying middle age for one distinct quality. I am young enough to be leery of old people, but old enough to distrust young people. Life is good.) So what has Sagan done to gain favor in my eyes.....? Check it


Anonymous said...

That is one classy guy

Matthew Moggridge said...

It's not that you don't like him, Greg, you envy him and so do I: look at those women hanging around!

Travel Gravel said...

Kisses, or pinches. I'll take second place any day.