Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Will It Take?

What will it take to get me out on the gravel on a bike? I haven't been out for weeks. I tried to convince myself to go out for some night rides, but to no avail. It was even warmer on those nights than it was on some of the nights that I went out in the winter. Just couldn't get myself out the door. I guess I know enough not to force it. Let it work out, I know I still want to be out there. Would it be too much to ask for about 80 degrees?! That would sure help.
I saw something yesterday that made me chuckle. It made me think back to the days when all I wanted to do was get on a bike. I was driving home for dinner and saw a kid, maybe 3 years old, pushing a Spiderman bike around the apartment complex where he lives. Just pushing his bike through the grass, looking at his tracks. I remembered the days of riding endlessly up and down our alley and following the same tracks over and over until there was a "race track" in the dust. Perhaps that memory is what makes riding gravel such a neo-classic favorite? Have you not ever turned around on a ride, just looked back, and followed your tire tracks back as far as you could see? That's all the odometer you'll ever need! It doesn't show how far you've gone, it shows how far you've come. Later! Travel Gravel!

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