Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not One Of My Favorite Things!!!

Somehow I lost all of the websites that I had stored in my "favorites" area! So if you don't have a visit from me for awhile, you'll know why. Most of the sites I go to are on my sidebar, but there are a lot of non-bike sites I'll have to try to remember. Crap!


djdau@walnutel.net said...

Hey, Rock Road Dude!

Sorry you lost your links...I hate it when my 'puter fubars.

BTW, you were asking about the brake lever on the QBF. Whilst I was upgrading (read: new tires, tubes, and rim tape), I looked at the lever very closely. If you read my latest comment to my latest blog post, I bought this bike in KC and the vintage Shimano brake lever was included. However, under close inspection I can see tool marks on the brake handle, about 5 evenly spaced semicircular lines. This is my best guess: someone stuck this brake lever in a vise and used a stout pipe to bend it, starting towards the inside and gradually moving toward the end in steps.

If you have an old aluminum brake lever like this one in your parts pile give it a try...let me know how it works!

Travel Gravel said...

Roger that Big-D. I will be doing all kinds of experimentation with a few old levers. I figured maybe a couple of relief cuts/a little filing and a person could create any number of custom bends. Nothing to lose but a few old levers. I'll photo the results. Keep it real! Later! Sun moving back into our world soon!