Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Decade In The Making

Last Sunday I  took part in the first of several fat bike rides being sponsored by the Nite Hawk Lounge in Slater, and Flat Tire Lounge in Madrid. The concept is simple. Bring any bike, get a punch card at one of the sponsoring locations, get a punch from the first location, ride to the second location, get a punch there, then ride to the bridge on the HTT and take a selfie there. Three stops, three punches. At the end of the series there is a drawing for a Specialized Fat Boy SE from Kyle's Bikes in Ankeny. Like I need another bike....But still.
So it was not really very cold, not a bit of snow for that stereotypical fat ride, and I had to do something that I have not done in well over a decade. I went into a BAR!!! Not really anything I have tried to, or had to avoid, but just a silly streak that developed and ran on. I can't even remember the last bar I was in. (Restaurants that also serve alcohol don't count.) So I guess that I'll have to sacrifice my streak through this series and resolve to start over afterword. And hope that I win a bike for it. Later!


Matt Moggridge said...

Sounds like a good ride, but I know what you mean about 'bars', although here in the UK we have pubs, which amount to the same thing, except that they don't; pubs can be many things (restaurants, coffee shops, bars, hotels etc). The so-called British pub has changed beyond all recognition from the days when it used to be a smoke-filled drinking den. These days food is offered – and by food I mean more than a bag of what you Americans call 'potato chips' (crisps in the UK). We now have 'chef-led' pubs where decent chefs set up restaurants but still maintain a pubby atmosphere by keeping the bar, we have 'gastro pubs' where rustic Mediterranean food is served in a kind of middle class bohemian surroundings, the types and styles of pub are endless. One day, Greg, if you ever come over here, I'll take you to one of the best food pubs London has to offer – that's a promise! But yes, I've not been in...actually, yes I have. On 30 December I did find myself in a drinking pub (a pub that only serves beer and crisps basically) but by and large I don't drink a great deal. In fact, I try to avoid alcohol as it does me no good at all. I always say things I don't mean and get myself into some kind of trouble. As for the fat bike ride, I've noticed that bike shops over here are selling more mountain bikes with fat tyres. That said, I'm happy with my Specialized Rockhopper Sport 29 – the larger tyres make all the difference. Happy riding. I'll be in Nashville in May if you're around!

Gravelo said...

Hi Matthew! I guess at the age of 51 I have just lost any relevance to whatever the "bar scene" is. Nothing against them, just not my speed. I think that habitually going to a bar, at my age and even 15 years ago, would be childish and desperate. Ah, maturity. Trust me on this point too, if I ever get anywhere near Old Blighty I'll skip meeting the Queen Mum 'erself to come and shake your hand and grab a pint! Cheers for a fun filled 2017!

Matt Moggridge said...

Hey Greg, yeah, and if ever I get to Boone Iowa, likewise, we'll hit one of the bars – although, like you, it's not my scene anymore either. You know what? I've only had three pints since the dawning of 2017, but to be honest, I haven't been 'a drinker' for some time now and as you say, it's 'maturity'. Not a great word, I know, but a reality perhaps. I'd rather wake up without a headache so I can go for a ride. As I write this I know it's going to be cold in the morning, but there's been no 'abort' text from Andy yet, so you can bet I'll be up and out in the morning. I'll be in Nashville in May, but I guess that's a way from Boone, Iowa, but yeah, should I get near enough, I'll look forward to seeing some of your bikes, especially Fat Ralph. Talk again and yes, Happy New Year.