Monday, September 19, 2016


Weird, even for a weird person like me, is a little piece of history I just rediscovered. I'm not sure where I even got this bike computer. May have been a gift, may have been grabbed off of a prize table back in the days of racing. Either way, it has been on an old single speed road bike in the rafters of my garage for over a decade. I dug it out, snapped in a new battery, re calibrated the wheel size, and now it's back. I was never a person to quantify my rides. It was always just about going out and having fun, or"hammering it" for a couple of hours. Gravel riding doesn't seem to require much quantifying either, but it might be fun once in a while to know how far I've actually traveled in that mindlessness I call riding. That is, if I always and only ride the one bike it's on, which almost never happens. Later!

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Mike Johnson said...

It's even a wired computer - so stone age.