Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fatbike Donuts

Big thanks to my wife for the tech support. I took this video and another on yesterday's ride in Ames. I was up a creek...literally! I rode from Peterson's Pits to near Story City on the beautifully frozen Skunk River, and found this nice patch of ice with just the right amount of tackiness to it. So what else was there to do but whip out the cellie and record some fun. The second session was recorded on my other phone, but it is not playing nice, so there may be some other donuts, or not. Here is a taste....of Fatbike Donuts.
Note: Front tire is spike with self drilling screws, back is free spinning. Look closely to see if Bigfoot lumbers through the background.


john said...

Amazing. I hear they are always looking for talent in the circus.
Such skills,

Travel Gravel said...

I think that there would be a serious toe overlap issue with clown shoes on. Bummer.