Sunday, January 5, 2014

Spike In Activity

I decided that ridinc donuts was so much fun that I wanted to get just a little bit more out of it. A trip to Ace Hardware and about 45 minutes with a drill and I have a spiked front tire. Trust me when I say, this is a good thing! There is now enough grip with the front wheel to twist donuts like a madman! I can even do figure eights. It is going to be a sad day when there is no more ice around here. Even plowed roads are good for donuts, since the blades are never down very far around here, there is usually a skim of hard packed snow to ride on. I was doing some donuts under a street light last night. Then I headed down to the skating pond in the city park and did some more.
The trick to a complete 360 degree donut is to look at, and steer toward, an imaginary point about seven feet in front of your front wheel. This keeps the path of travel at about a twenty foot diameter. It also keeps you from turning a corkscrew inward. The energy of a turning rear wheel and a relatively static front will end up at a central point. you have to counter steer and ever so slightly expand this tendancy outward to complete a full donut. Or, as I have found so far, up to 3 donuts at once. So much fun! Whoever thinks that a Mongoose Beast cannot be fun because it's not a "real fat bike" needs to have their priorities examined! Trying to think of how to get video of this stuff, stay tuned.... Later!

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Matthew Moggridge said...

Hey Greg! How goes it? Cold enough for you out there? They say Hell has frozen over in the USA. Hope all is cool (well, cold, I suppose, although I mean 'cool' as in 'hope all is good').

Love that orange bike of yours and your impressive donuts. Thanks for your kind comments, by the way, on my photograph of the red sky.

Congrats on your son getting into the Iowa National Guard too.

Happy New Year also. Keep in tune and yes, thanks for the work tel. no. If I get anywhere close, I'll call you.

Keep riding!

Matt, NoVisibleLycra.