Wednesday, December 18, 2013

So Proud

I feel so happy today that it is difficult to put into words, but here are a few. One of my incredible sons, Marshall, joined the Iowa National Guard today. This has been a dream of his since he was in fifth grade. He wrote an essay about the value of American Veterans and poured his heart into it that year in Mr Gard's classroom. We didn't realize what had been awakened in his heart and soul then, but we saw it in its glory today as he took the oath and joined the Guard. Here is a kid who has backed up all of his plans and took the steps he needed to take to see them to reality. He has been lifting weights and running since 9th grade to ensure that he could get in as soon as possible and continue his chosen path. He has kept up outstanding grades, kept his faith in God, and made his family so proud of him! So today, with our support and a healthy bit of  hurry up and wait, he smashed a 92 on his ASVAB test and gained a position in the 186th Military Police Unit of the Iowa National Guard. And may I mention that his 17th birthday was yesterday, now that's an awesome kicker! SO PROUD!!!! Later!


Jon said...

Congratulations! That is just awesome.

Travel Gravel said...

Thank you. Kids can be amazing sometimes. Love seeing your Beast mods and posts around the web.