Monday, September 30, 2013

Street Life

I had a bit of fun on Sunday at the DSMove street party, in the Drake neighborhood. They shut down University for about 13 blocks to have a giant block party. Among the activities were chances to ride "The World's Largest Bike" a 21 seater!

This thing was a beast. It has a differential from a car, a drive shaft, and 21matching seats, bars, stems, cranksets, and ding bells! It took 7 guys to push it back and forth to turn it around. It is a crazy contraption, that's for sure.

Also on the agenda was a show and shine (or don't) bike show, sponsored loosely by Ichi Bike, Dan Koenig and friends. There were some majorly sweet bikes sitting around. Black rims everywhere (the standard of cool), and these guys like their Sturmey-Archer hubs for sure too, as they were on most of the cruiser bikes and a Schwinn Scrambler too. I perved on the bikes for a while and then had to jet to get back home. I rode my lowered Schwinn and got a lot of positive comments on it. A few guys were trying to figure out how I had the front end assembled. It's not too hard to figure out after looking for a few minutes, but at first it is a head scratcher. Here are a few pics from the event.


john said...

looks like your things - old and unusual bike. What fun.

Travel Gravel said...

Yes, what iwas old is now new again. These bikes were a nice mix of old school and retro-new. You're right though,mine are old and unusual. Good to have a comment from you. Take care out there!!!