Thursday, May 2, 2013

Only In Iowa, But In MAY???!!!

Only in Iowa could you get a sunburn on a Tuesday ride, and tweak your back shoveling a half foot of snow on Thursday, in the same week! Enough, OK? And I hate to think what this would have done to Trans Iowa if the ride was this coming weekend, after all of this snow.


Jon said...

Hey, man. Would you mind emailing me at jjgrinder at msn dot com? I have a project to discuss with you that i don't want to go public, just yet.

Jon Grinder

vtham said...

saw a comment you had on another blog and wanted to follow up with you on... is it possible to email me at vtham1 at gmail dot com?

would really appreciate it as I'm working on building up a 96 Nukeproof Ti.
Vay Tham