Friday, October 26, 2012

Big Wally

My wife just informed me that Scott Wallerich, "Big Wally" passed away yesterday from a heart attack. Scott was one of my first bike buddies, like from about 40 years ago. We used to build bikes, destroy bikes, jump bikes, paint bikes, draw bikes, dream about bikes, rebuild other people's bikes, you name it, we biked it! Fork - inside - a- fork choppers...Did 'em. Drilled out chain rings...Did 'em. Huge powerslides...Did 'em. Strange to think how far back your roots go, isn't it? Strange to think some "born in the 80's" hipsters think they're into bikes, isn't it? Mortality is a bitch, isn't it? R.I.P. Big Wally!


Matthew Moggridge said...

Hey Gravelo. Good to see you posting again. Been a long time. Sorry to hear about your biking pal passing away. Hope you're okay generally. I was in Atlanta a couple months ago, but I'm guessing I was a long way from Iowa. Might be in Spokane before the year end, but guessing that's a long way from Iowa too. Keep in touch. Matt, NoVisibleLycra.

Travel Gravel said...

Hi Matt! Always hurts to lose a friend. Yes, Atlanta and Spokane are both a long way from Iowa. maybe you'll have to lay over in Des Moines. If so, call 515-230-2562 and I'll meet you with a bike and some fresh Iowa gravel to ride! I have tons of friends in Des Moines who would love to go for a ride. Planning to post more in the future, after reading back some of my old posts and remembering how much fun I used to have on the bikes. Look for it man! Later!