Saturday, November 19, 2011

Occupy Third Street

In an attempt to acclimate myself to the harsher side of "recreational homelessness", I have been field testing some of my gear by sleeping out on the deck. As the weather began to cool this Fall, I started with a fleece blanket and overnight lows of mid 50s F. Over the weeks the temps dropped and I broke out my zero rated bag. Mid 30s were no problem. I think I actually slept better, and felt better all day, from the mid 30s nights. So naturally, once I had set a new low temp. mark, I wanted to go lower. My current low is 15 degrees F, and it was actually pretty comfy too. I used a double bag system (one inside the other) and the only thing that was cold was my nose. I had a scare in the night though. I put the bag up over my head to warm up the inside, fell asleep that way, and woke with a gasp! I think I had depleted all of the oxygen in the bag and nearly choked myself out.
Temps will continue to drop as Winter comes, so the records will keep falling too, until there is nothing to prove. But not until then. I see a drift-based snow cave in the not too distant future! Here's a picture of my last Hooverville. Later!


Matthew Moggridge said...

Are my eyes deceiving me? Are you sleeping rough? What's the plan? It's been pretty cold over here.

Travel Gravel said...

I have been sleeping out quite a bit this winter, due to the mild temps it has been enjoyable. The coldest night out was a low of 10 degrees F, and that was a cakewalk! I'm just getting comfortable with gear, and set ups. I have given up on the bike trailer/home, and am currently building up some light weight gear for bike camping. I have a planned ride for this July. Riding up to a place called Grotto of the Redemption, in West Bend , Iowa. About 100 miles each way. Keep up the riding Matt!