Sunday, October 31, 2010

"My" Bike Trail

Does "your" trail have a view like this? I bet not, since this is "My" trail.

"My" bike trail is the High Trestle Trail. I took the boys down today to do a quick ride. We took the "junker" camera, but managed to get a few decent shots.
It's a rock. It looks like Iowa. It's limestone. It's... not the state rock:(

We went out for a ride since we had a few hours before trick or treat and a food drive for the church. The best part of the whole ride was loading Marshall's basket with large rocks and dropping them off of the side of the bridge into very soft mud. This bridge is 12 stories tall, and the mud is very soft and deep. The impact of the rocks into the mud made huge craters! We were laughing our heads off at each Splash! Oh what fun boys are! Later!

Not quite cold enough to freeze his tongue onto the pole. This is Mitchell, the impulsive one!
His third can of pop in almost 14 years. Marshall, the conservative one!


Dwight said...

Buy that kid an Iowa State shirt!

Travel Gravel said...

Did I mention that he's conservative and intelligent? JK, he has ISU stuff too.

MrDaveyGie said...

Is that bridge near Boone? Is there bike path on it? I would like to seek permission to ride your bridge someday.
Oh and I was a Iowa fan, until my daughter gradutated from Iowa State and force me to convert.

Travel Gravel said...

Before you can cross the bridge, you must answer three questions. What is your name? What is your quest? What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? Yes this is part of a bike trail, between Madrdid and Woodward. It is a rebuilt railroad bridge. The UPRR took all the decking and rails off and left the pillars, then some insightful people got it in their heads to make a kick ass bike trail using the bridge. It worked. It's a very weird ride the first few times across. If you stare at the railing and let the scenery roll by, it makes the whole thing spin! I heard of a guy standing on it and a flock of geese flew up river and just over his head by a foot. That would be cool. Ride it anytime with no fear of being cast into the Chasm of Death.

MrDaveyGie said...

1. Name: MrDaveyGie
2. Quest Bicycling anywhere and everywhere.
3. I am still calculating the data regarding the Swallow speed.

That bridge rocks.

Travel Gravel said...

I'll do a feature on it someday soon. They are working on it every day, so riding it during the week is not allowed. Sundays are open, but the boys are almost tired of going down there on our "adventure day." We tossed our pumpkins off of it last Sunday! You've never seen a pumpkin smash quite like that! Purple Martins nest on the sides of the bridge. They're a really cool bird. Being purple and all. Like a Blue Jay, only not blue.

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