Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's That Time Of Year Again

So peaceful and alluring that it draws people from all over just to stare at it.
Somewhere beyond that flask, beyond that water, into the misty beyond, the trails of Seven Oaks are waiting for a hero to come and ravage every rock and root. Will you answer the call?

A little exposure never hurt anyone, right?
Poor man's 9er, complete with 1X6 drive, clips and straps, and a set of floor jack- spread Cinelli bars on a Cinelli stem, rolling on 2.1 Notos XCs. Hummmmmmmmmmmm!
Safe-schmafe, just drive over it and pay your gas taxes. We know what's good for you, you don't!

Time for the river to flood out a major highway and foul up a lot of plans. Lord knows I don't need more obstacles in the way of people who might possibly be trying to get to our little furniture store. Close Hwy 17 for bridge repair, well, OK. I guess the good suburbanites of your western Des Moines areas will use their in-dash navigation screens to find a way to Boone to buy furniture. Close Hwy 30 so that all of our western Iowa advert audience has to pause before driving to Boone, not so good. Not funny how a few extra feet of water can screw up a solid 6 consecutive weeks, full page,(outside back mind you!) color advert in the major Western Iowa paper.
This water will be around for a "damn" long time, and we're barely into Summer. Oh Well...:( At least the gravel has stayed dry. Good old gravel. Give it an hour to shake off the rain and you're on the wheel! Later!


MrDaveyGie said...

awwww, a flask, and a bicycle, makes for a good evening.

Anonymous said...

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