Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So what was I to do when I saw this un-loved, too small, $9.99 deal of a Schwinn at Goodwill?
Well, I took it home and made a cheater's version of a Flying Gate design. I'll get the rear fender on there soon.

And as a "twist" I re-purposed some Grip Shift gear changers into brake actuators. A first, to my knowledge, but there are so few firsts these days. They do pull a lot of cable. Indexed brakes, what will they think of next! Later!


MrDaveyGie said...

Bravo. You've got great heart adopting these poor abandoned creatures.

Dwight said...

Whazzup with the seat?

Travel Gravel said...

I took a seatpost, made a 1" cut up it from the base, and a cut across that. Then opened it up to form 2 "wings" through which I drilled a hole for the binder. The original post and the cantilevered post are held in place by the binder bolt. The nose of the seat is jammed down on the top of the original post, and the entire seat bolts as normal to the canted seat post. Also held there by the rearward/downward force of rider weight. Why? Because I needed a lot more stretch in the cockpit. I am trying to get to a cafe racer look out of one of my bikes. This just ended up like a Flying Gate. It rides OK. It'll only ever see runs to Kum&Go and path riding with the boys. Maybe a Bike to Work Week leg? Probably! I plan to do the same thing with a suspension shock from a Next bike that I took apart. The fruits of boredom! Later!