Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Enjoying The Day

Some pictures from today's merriment. The frost on the trees, bushes, wires, etc. was so brilliantly white! My ridin' camera doesn't show it very well, but it sure was cool. This one turned out blurry because of condensation on the lens, but it has a weird effect.

Some of the drifts were a good 12 feet tall, maybe even more?

I rode past one of the county grader operaters, Mr. Bob Matt,(a personal friend of myself and Kelli) and gave him a big wave. He immediately texted to his wife that she would never guess who just rode by on a bicycle, happy as hell! Well, I think she knew that it was either me or Sherwood Salem, the only two guys in Boone who would be on a bike today! Bob's wife is a beautician where Mitchell and Marshall get their hair cut, and Kelli had Mitch in for a trim today, so she had to answer all of the usual questions about my bike riding choices(Is he crazy? Isn't it dangerous? Does he go out in this weather all the time? etc. Yes , No, Yes:) I can't get away with anything in this town!
Oh, and the coffee I poured at 10:30 was still warm at my turn around spot, and when I returned home, and at 7:30 when I sipped the last capfull! Later! Travel Gravel!


MrDaveyGie said...

Love those pictures. I would have said that is the North Pole except for those trees in the background.
They ALL tell me I am crazy, perhaps by defination of "norm" I am, being out of a town of 60,000 I don't know 5 winter bikers except for those with DUI's and bikes used only when ya have to and not for pleasure.
Keep on bik'n bro

john said...

Hey, Grav - good to get out on the roads again. We are hoping for 3 + hours of gravel today - hope the roads are still firm.

Travel Gravel said...

I agree, Dave, that it is a reward to go and ride for fun! I had a fantastic ride yesterday, even on the slick tires I have on that bike. Fixed and brakeless, on slicks, and not a slip all day.
John, if you made it out by noon you probably will have good roads for a while, but I would ride east/west as much as possible and try to stay to the south-ditch side. The north/south roads will have full sunshine for longer periods than east/west. Just have fun!