Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Pics

Precision American Engineering, cast in concrete.
Note to self: I need to make a trials bike!
The whole enchilada! That's an impressive bridge, but I like the old one better. Too bad it will probably not stand for long (the old one) because as it continues to age and weaken, they can't afford to risk it falling onto the new one.


Speedblend Guy said...

Where's that bridge?

Travel Gravel said...

It is directly west of Boone, over the DSM river valley. The old bridge(Kate Shelley High Bridge) was so precarious that they could only run one train at a time, at 30 mph. The new one will take traffic in both directions at speeds around 70mph. With all of the remote switching that goes on now there are trains flying over it, and through town.