Thursday, April 2, 2009

In No Particular Order

I was looking at my roster of bikes today, a list I wrote up once to keep track of my bikes, and decided I would post it for fun. I wrote all of my bikes down on a square Post-it note, and surprisingly they all fit! I was inspired by a post from my Blogging Buddy Dwight ( Speedblend Guy). He posted his list the other day. I know sometimes it seems like I have too many bikes, but then I read posts from people who feel the same way about having six or seven bikes and I think, "Hmmm....I must be weird." So, at the risk of seeming weird, or looking like a bullshitter, or a bike slut who will ride anything on two wheels, I am putting up a roster of bikes that I currently own. They are all riders, not parts bikes or "leaners." I just received a nice old Peugeot from a guy here in Boone. Thanks Jamie! I will ride this thing! So anyways, here they are, with short annotations where prudent.
1. Red and white Hawthorne balloon tire, free from my Dad.
2. Avacado and gold Westpoint ballooner, $1.00 at church auction. Former BOTW.
3. Black Schwinn board track racer looking bobber, $15.00 garage sale bike. Former BOTW.
4. Campstove green Karate Klunker, free, former BOTW.
5. Red,black,white KHS Team Softail. My "race bike" $1200.00 online. Hate it/love it FBOTW.
6. Yellow GT Avalanche SS. The bike I have had the longest. Love it! FBOTW.
7. Flat Olive Drab Green Specialized Rock Hopper. Police Auction, $1.00 SS "Army of One" custom graphics by myself. Stuck 27" fixed wheels on it.
8. Silver Diamond Back Approach. $5.00 at Goodwill. Bought as a hybrid, converted to 29er. Tons of gravel miles on it. Love it! "Poor Man's 9er"
9. Flat Black Bianchi road bike, "Il Pirata" tribute to Pantani. 52/16 SS, used to be purple. I bought it for $85.00 at Bike Country, has a Sunshine Cycles shop sticker from Hudson, IA! Love the crap out of this bike. I used to ride it on the road before the day I first rode gravel:)
10.Baby blue metallic Falcon San Remo. Tasty old road bike I received from my lovely wife. Bought used at Bike Barn. All Superbe with Campy hs and bb. Too nice to ride very much, but has the miles on it.
11.Yellow Puch. Free from a garage sale (end of the day, wanted it gone) Ghetto SS. FBOTW.
12.Gold with green and red lugs Puch. Free from a guy. One of the few bikes I have painted. Inspired by Miller beer cans. FG. Sticker on seat tube says it came from an implement dealer in Decorah.
13.White Bridgestone RB-3. Free from a guy. Way too big for me, but too cool not to ride. FG. FBOTW. Love it!
14.Blue Sentinel Sophomore. Weird brand, originally sold in Council Bluffs @ Bill's Cyclery. SS. FBOTW. A solid old bike.
15.Maroon Mitzutani Seraph Spree. Free from a guy. Coolest head badge I have ever seen. FG.
16.Blue Rolls Racer Deluxe. Can't find ANY info on this one anywhere! 10Speed. $1.93 at Goodwill. License from Fullerton, CA.
17.Lime Green Schwinn ? Free from a guy. Fendered hot rod. FBOTW. Love it!
18.White Raleigh 10Speed. $5.00 at Goodwill. Internal cable routing.
19.Black with Rasta tape Huffy. 1X5 "Buffalo Soldier" Shifter on the seat post! FBOTW.
20.Silver Dodge Viper. $50.00 at Toys R Us. Bought on a dare to fix, ended up SS. FBOTW.
21.Faded red Columbia. Throwback MTB. Fun bike to fart around on. 2X5. FBOTW.
22.Black '84 Miyata. $40.00 at garage sale. Classic 80's graphics, hard ano rims with the awesome Panaracer Pasalo(?) tires.
23.Black Nishiki Rally. Fast fun bike. 2X7 FBOTW.
24.Orange Schwinn ? Free dumpster diver. FG. Slammed the stem down as far as it will go, modded seat post to bolt onto seatstay bridge. About a 60cm frame, just for fun.
25.Silver JC Penneys bike. $5.00 garage sale. 1X5. Has a bitchin' disc brake rear wheel and springer seat. My "goin' to get a coffee" bike.
26.Blue Schwinn Sprint. Dumpster Diver. FG. Great fitting bike for me. Vetta saddle I love.
27.Brown and gold JC Penney's FG. Free from a guy. Has a 4! ring crank! I call it "The Meat Grinder" Fun and snappy.
28.Blue Free Spirit Dynasty. DD. Ghetto SS. Full chrome fenders, chrome rims, chrome seat pin, chrome bars wrapped only on the drops. A lovely bike.
29.Black Hercules. Free from a guy. SS with foot brake. White tires, rims, pedals, and seat. My attempt at making a Pashley Guv'ner. Laid back geometry. Grocery getter.
30.Royal blue Performance MTB. DD. FG. Flat bar. FBOTW.
31.Blue and silver NEXT snowbike. DD. No gear, gravity drive! Absolute fun! FBOTW.
32.Blue and silver Raleigh Super C. $15.00 FG. Deep drop Cinelli bars, front brake only. Thanks Alex!
33.Gloss black GT Outpost. Free from a guy. Rad 80's graphics. SS. Needs more purple ano! Looks killer with Michelin green tires.
34.Black Columbia 10 speed. DD. Spotless old ten speed. Story City bike license.
35.Dark navy Nishiki Century. DD. FG. Lovely.
36.Blue Free Spirit Dynasty. DD. Ghetto SS. A twin to #28 but needs fenders.
37.Red Schwinn World Sport #1. $.25 at Police auction. FG. Was a total wreck, loved it back to a rider! Reminded me of an Eddie VH guitar, so I put 5150 on the chainstay.
38.Red Schwinn World Sport #2. $.25 at auction. SS with Michelin CX Muds. Love this one. Was also abused.
39.Gold Pacific MTB. $.25 at auction. FG. Was originally dark green but faded to gold. Looks like it's gold anodized so I wrapped it with hand made Miller graphics. Future BOTW.
40.Black Huffy MTB. Stripped down to SS with more Rasta graphics. Hardly ever ride it though. Cool curved/radiused bars.
41.Black with blood red splashes Pacific. Free from a guy. FG. Panniers and bags. Has a "Posi Track" front shock with no actual travel! Springer seat, comfy stretched out ride. Good for bike trail/path cruising.
42.Gloss black Fuji Silhouette. $25.00 Craigslist. SS with foot brake, 700 c wheels. Risked my life to pick up in DSM during a snow storm, cars littering I35, major ice etc. The guy was 10 minutes from calling the second person on his list when I finally showed up. It was worth the white knuckles! Love love love this one!
43.Red Huffy Rocket. $.25 at auction. This is a toy bike, but is rideable! Ask Striker! This is a 10" or smaller tire. Future BOTW, too funky to describe! SS!
44.Black Peugeot. Free from a guy. FG. I have wanted a Peugeot for ages! I am totally in love with the Lion graphic and the 4 color fade on the seat post. Always reminds me of TC's chopper on Magnum P.I. Why do I like that? Who knows, I just do! Have to research the bike shop sticker on this one. "Wheeler Dealer" with a guy on a penny farthing. Who knows where it's from.
So that is the list that I have compiled so far. There are a few bikes not on here , as they are not riders just yet. They'll make the team someday I'm sure. Plus, There are ALWAYS people ready to unload bikes onto some poor fool. Hey, I'll never say no! My dad helped me cart home 7 bikes a couple of weekends ago, and all but 2 will end up at the scrap yard. I took all of them because I felt like it would be cheesy to just cherry pick the two good ones. One of these is a cherry old Free Spirit 3 speed, fenders, rack, springer seat, and a bell! That one will be cruising to the pool this summer. I need to pull them all out and get a group photo. Anybody have a panoramic lense? Later! Travel Gravel!


Travel Gravel said...

If you want to see some of the "Former Bike Of The Week" bikes just use the search box at the header and enter a keyword (make, model, etc.) Results will post from most recent to oldest. Just for fun. Later!

funky twinkie said...

Hello Travel Gravel,

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! I appreciate it. I'm going to fix this up and hopefully perform at an open mic for slam poetry in Vancouver soon...

I thought I'd told you that I will be buying a bike probably more fit to my budget later on in the year...and that I did! I got a used bianchi hybrid and I love it so much I ride it around campus all the time (: It does make me happy indeed!

Anyway, just shouting out to say hey and thanks for the comment again (:

bluecolnago said...

wow. wow.

that's a lot of bikes, greg.

not that that's a bad thing.... :) said...

44 bikes? FORTY FOUR BIKES??

I am a mere mortal. I bow to the master!

My basement is not nearly large enough!

-SB Dude said...

Hey Travel Gravel Mon,

I was checking out your list and saw you had a Bridgestone RB-3, large frame. Saw it was a FBOTW so I checked it out. Well, I'm a large frame kinda guy, and I really dig that bike! If some day you ever decide you want to part with it, let me know :>)

-Bigg Frame D, yo

Travel Gravel said...

Notorious B.I.G.: I have stripped that one down for fixed gear use since that picture, but I still have those BioPace rings. The brakes that were on it were Lee Chee or some such Chinese knock off of a knock off. It is a nice bike, but has a little rust around the rear drop outs. No problem though for the odd ride or two it gets. I'll keep you in mind, no promises! Later!

Travel Gravel said...

FYI Wheeler Dealer is a shop in Oklahoma City.

Anonymous said...